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About Us

In 2011, one woman, a hero if you will, decided that while this stereotype had its place, it was time for an alternative. In an explosion of colour and patterns, Grandma Funk was born. Having worked in retail for years, our hero decided to throw caution to the wind and hired a team of misfits and potential reality TV stars to bring joyful chaos to a monochromatic world.

Over the years, our customer base has grown substantially, but we still offer the same smiles and satisfaction as before. No matter what type of communication you prefer; be it spoken word, email, Facebook, carrier pigeon, Morse code or smoke signal, a real person will reply to you and help you with whatever you could possibly need. Live interstate or overseas and want an item sent to you? No worries. Are you in the city and need some time to kill? No worries. Need a date to formal? Maybe some worries. While our staff can't take you themselves, they can give you the confidence you need to go alone (there's no shame in it. Trust us).

In-store, we make every day a makeover scene from a teen rom com. We'll throw you clothes you love, clothes you would never dream of trying on and have an appropriate soundtrack to go along with it. In the real world, not everyone has a fashion forward friend who can turn an ugly burlap sack into Dior, but we can. You'll leave our store with a new attitude, tips on how to make anything look cool and new friends.


Melissa Chacon was working in a stable job in the telecommunications industry when the idea for Grandma Funk first started to take hold. The fashion industry was calling Mel to come back with a siren song. After creating a mood board with everything that Mel wanted from her company, she decided to take a leap of faith. Soon after launching Grandma Funk, Mel quit her job to focus on the empire. Despite the ups and downs that come with owning your own business, Mel has stayed strong and taken every set back as an opportunity to become bigger and better.

On the Fourth of July 2011, Mel and her grandmother started making one off vintage-inspired garments to sell off a Facebook page. Two weeks in, Mel was approached with an opportunity to make Grandma Funk a part of Melbourne Central's vintage clothing fair. This then became a monthly appointment. After tremendous success, the company went on to open their first store; joining the 100 Squared Emerging Designer Market in Melbourne Central.

On the Ninth of August 2014, our men's store, Grandpa Funk, was launched in a second location in Melbourne Central.

With a fan base in the US, UK and NZ; Grandma Funk is ready to take on the world!

Warehouse Sale

Our two Melbourne Central locations can only hold so much stock, so every once in a while; Grandma Funk hosts one of our legendary warehouse sales. There, you can find heaps of different long lost treasures, forgotten gems or one off samples for bargain prices. You may even find love (probably not at a bargain price)! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for when our next warehouse sale is.